SORMEC is a company focused on the design and manufacture of robotic systems, lines and automatic machines industrial production.
In particular, it specialises in the installation of:

Machines and automatic lines according to customer specifications

  • Automotive
  • Small household appliances
  • Electrical components
  • Packaging
  • Automation of the medicinal & pharmaceutical sector
  • Automation of the press edge for moulding plastic materials
  • Automation of machine tools interlocking
  • Islands and robotic cells
  • Robot &3D Bin Picking Guide

Machines and lines for the production of towel warmers, flat or curved with round or square section tubes:

  • Cutting to size of collector tubes and tubes with rectangular section
  • Pipe Tapering
  • Collector pipes drilling
  • Pipe assembly with manifolds
  • Bending and application of the braze welding paste on the Emitter pipes
  • Application of the paste and insertion of the flanges at the ends of the manifolds
  • In-the-kiln brazing (interlocking)
  • Sealed testing of radiators with manual repair

Machines and lines for the production of Radiators with Multicolumn elements:

  • Welding and coupling of the heads (e.g. Laser)
  • Automatic grinding of welded heads
  • Cutting Radiant pipe to size, with end turning and internal cleaning
  • Preparation of the fingers of the welding heads
  • Preparation of cut pipe ends for welding
  • Application of braze welding paste
  • Pipe welding with heads
  • Weld seam removal of multicolumn elements
  • Internal and external (perimeter) grinding of the unfinished elements
  • Palletising

Machines and lines for the production of radiators for bathroom furniture furniture (flat tubes):

  • Cutting to size of round, flat, rectangular, square, oval and elliptical pipes
  • Preparation and cleaning of the ends of the cut pipe
  • Pipe drilling, Embossing, Assembly
  • Closing of the pipe ends (bending, assembly and sealing)
  • End finishing (milling, grinding)
  • Palletising

Machines and automations for Rotors of electric motors:


  • Robotized machine tool interlocking
  • Assembly and fitting of bearings and pulleys on rotors
  • Assembly of the rotor shaft in Rotor Pack
  • Rotor eccentricity check
  • Bonding magnets to rotor
  • Formation or dimensional control of rotor blade packs
  • Magnetisation Rotor (interlocking)

Machines and automations for Stators:

  • Pitch setting Stator in Case
  • Interlocking of Winding Machines
  • Formation or dimensional control of stator laminations packs
  • Flexible power supply magnets
  • Pre-heating interlocking for plastic co-moulding
  • Assembly on stator or case (customisation)
  • Automatic control of assembly phases

Machines and final assembly lines for Electric Motors:

  • assembly lines and robotic islands for electric motors
  • Final tightening
  • Final assemblies or customisations
  • Final inspection and testing (electrical and functional tests, vibration, noise)
  • Marking of electric motor
  • Palletising or finished engine packaging

Technologies, machines and production lines for armoured heating elements:

  • Pipe formation
  • Pipe welding with straightening
  • Pipe cutting with end calibration
  • Pins Welding, Caps Assembly
  • Filling with MgO (magnesium)
  • Diameter reduction
  • Caps removal, straightening, marking, cutting Pins
  • Sealing Heat Treatments
  • Bending and shaping of resistances
  • Pressing and mounting flanges, with finishing operations
  • Electrical Testing and Testing
  • Possibility of transfer and sale of the production technologies listed above

The Company
the people

The technical staff of SORMEC is made up of a group of technicians who have become specialists in their fields of application and have a deep knowledge of the products to which they are called upon to respond.

The company's production is carried out on a covered area of 2,000 square metres, located 50 km north of Venice, in an area characterised by strong industrialisation.


Where we come from

A continued ability to innovate production technologies aimed at increasing user competitiveness. Responding to specific needs with unique, tailor-made solutions, in compliance with the applicable regulations on safety at work. Consistency of dialogue, before and after sales





Merger with AMS s.r.l.



expansion of the production area and
office refurbishment

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SORMEC s.r.l. is located in the industrial area of Godega di Sant'Urbano, north of Venice, along the state road 13 Pontebbana between Conegliano and Pordenone.

SORMEC s.r.l.
Via degli Olmi 10, 31010 Godega di Sant'Urbano Treviso ITALY
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