Automatic combined plant to remove the weld seam and to polish tubes to heads welds, in multicolumn radiators

MR 264_2019


Weight 11.000kg
Dimension 10500x8000mm
Supply voltage 400Vac 3P+n
Power 45KVA
Pressure of hydraulic group 80-140Bar
tube diameter d.25mmx1,2mm (different diameter can be managed)
Heads of element with different number of tubes can be managed (2-3-4-5-6)  (automatic setup )
Different lenght of elements tubes can be managed, from 300 to 2500mm ( Automatic setup)
Automatic group of weld seam removal  MS262 integrated on line
Polishing group , in internal and external side of delded tubes are integrated MS261 - MS266 or with polisching orbital table integrated in line 
Cycle time, 2,5" / tube
with Automatic palletizer  of processed elements
high possibility of custom solutions, with differet diameters and steps of final product !